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Testimonials from Trilogic Hypnotherapy Clients

"I came to Jackie for a pre-operative hypnotherapy session on the day of my second knee replacement surgery (replacing my right knee). When I got to the hospital for the surgery; I was able to have a local anaesthesia rather than the general anaesthesia I had when my first knee was replaced (left knee).  Within 48 hours I was home from the hospital and doing so much to better than the first time. I was able to bend my knee to almost 90% and straighten it almost flat. I had much less pain then the first time, as a matter of fact almost no pain.  I was so impressed I asked my Doctor if he had done something different or if it was the hypnotherapy that made the difference.  His answer was surgery was identical, hypnotherapy must have made the difference." ~ Richard K.

Hypnosis testimonials

"One hour of Hypnotherapy worth much more to me, than I was charged. Better than a spa any old day." ~  Sharon T.

"Jackie was able to take me to that wonderful place of total surrender from the stress of  my daily life.  At the end of the session I felt relaxed, empowered, and ready to move forward.  Isn't that where we should be when we want to totally enjoy what we have and create what we want? " ~ CSM