Heart Resonance Therapy Practitioners Training

HRT Classes in Langley, Kamloops &  Vancouver Island, British Columbia



hrt_logo.jpgHeart Resonance Energy is simple to use, it is a unique energy which has a positive affect on three levels:

The Physical Body

The Emotional Body

The Spiritual or Energetic body.


All aspects of your life balanced and brought into alignment with a gentle “Divinely Loving Energy”.


A Heart Resonance Practitioner is:

Anyone with an intention to provide heart based healing at the highest level.

Anyone who can breathe and is willing to learn to use a specific breathing pattern can become a Heart Resonance Therapy practitioner.

The two days of training will enable you use Heart Resonance Energy to assist family, friends and clients in balancing, clearing and realigning their energy in a healing way.

Practitioners of Heart Resonance Therapy (HRT) are able to realign themselves as they use The Heart Resonance Energy (HRE) in support of their own and/or a client’s self healing process.


“As you give so shall you receive”.

 Classes for HRT

The Heart Resonance Energy allows for continued upward vibrational shifts and self healing. As a practitioner you will use this field to resonate its flow transforming the client’s negative/unbalanced energies to positive/balanced ones.  The result allows the client’s body to assist in its own healing.

As an HRT practitioner you will learn in your Level One training to access and amplify the high vibrational field of HRT energy. 

In your Level Two training you will learn to use several simple, powerful, beneficial techniques to assist in balancing all of the body’s systems.


The Three Levels of Heart Resonance Therapy


Level One $288

The Level One practitioner draws in and then resonates back the powerful flow of high vibration HRT energy.  This field of high vibration surrounds both the client and the practitioner causing them to match the vibrational pull of the positive force.
Negative energies are then transformed into positives, causing the body to shift and begin its own healing process.
This is a one day workshop, from which you will be able to begin your Heart Resonance Practice.


Level Two $188

The Level Two practitioner uses the HRT energy to directly interact with a client’s entire body, including the different body and energetic systems to transform existing stagnation and thereby remove blockages.
This is a one day workshop that takes your Heart Resonance Practice to a more powerful level.


Level Three $288

The Level Three practitioner is able to access the “Divine Fragment Within” to help guide and initiate powerful self healing shifts for the client. These shifts leave the client with a lasting deep state of relaxation as the healing process continues even after the healing session is complete.

During the courses each person will have an opportunity to work with others enabling an experiential learning of the processes of Heart Resonance Therapy.

This is a two day workshop that takes your Heart Resonance Practice to a more powerful level.


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