Heart Resonance Therapy - HRT


hrt_logo.jpgHeart Resonance Therapy (HRT) is a new vibrational energy that supports a client’s self healing process.  Trained to use simple powerful methods (Jackie) Jacqueline A. Kania connects to the Heart Resonance Energy using it to raise her vibration.

When Jackie’s energy is at its highest state, she amplifies and expands the intensity of this energy field. The process continues until the high energy of HRT becomes the dominant vibration causing entrainment to occur. This entrainment allows transformation of the client’s unbalanced energies to positive balanced energies assisting them in creating positive healing changes.

While all energy work comes from the Divine, HRT differs in the way that it works.  As a Certified Level Two Reiki Practitioner Jackie has direct experience with the differences.

HRT allows access to a different level of healing with a different set of guidance from “Light Beings” who work with the “Divine Fragment within Us”.


Jackie is able to assist you by:

  • Using the “Divine Energy” of HRT to entrain imbalanced or negative energy, transforming it into balanced positive energy.
  • Balancing your chakras which in turn re-balance the body’s energy systems.
  • Balance the energetic pathways in your body; transforming any existing disharmony to remove blockages.
  • Moving through the different systems of your body, directly harmonizing the whole body.
  • These techniques allow for powerful balancing and healing shifts. These shifts have the client experience a deep and lasting state of relaxation.


Individual appointments with Jackie are available: 

The Cost:    $88.00

The Length: Sessions are approximately one hour in length depending on the client. 

Number of Sessions: You may find that your issue is completely resolved in one session or you may find that more than one session is necessary to fully resolve an issue.  The number of sessions you require is really up to you. 


During a Heart Resonance Session:

 ~ You will fill out an intake form and then be made comfortable on a massage table. You are always fully clothed.

 ~ Jackie accesses “The Heart Resonance Energy” amplifying and expanding her energy as the session begins.

 ~ You will not be touched during the session; as this is not a hands energy system

 ~ You will be lightly touched on the shoulder to signal the end of the session.


Heart Resonance Works:

By first being accepted by the body’s energetic system, this acceptance balances the Chakras System and clears the grounding channel.

Jackie then uses the energy of Heart Resonance to access the different body systems to achieve a balance that allows for the free flow of balanced positive energy through all of your body systems.


The Client experience:

Although each person experiences HRT differently, most people report feeling very relaxed, centred and calm both during and immediately after their session.